Sunday, July 12, 2015

Linkedin is the one of the most popular social networking site around the world. Linkedin is particularly used for business people and career-oriented people. It's also a great place to build relationships, share your content and expertise, and drive traffic to your blog.

Ways to Increase Traffic

  1. Complete Linkedin your profile with relevant information.
  2. Grow your connections list in linkedin will help you to get the high traffic.
  3. You have to find people to connect with them.
  4. Create relevant profile on Linkedin to reach your goal and to inform people who are you, what are you and what you do. 
  5. Add relevant links on your linkedin profile. [i.e your website link or blog link]
  6. You must have to ask questions and You must have to give the response or answer their questions to keep them along with you.
  7. Give and request recommendations
  8. Join groups and start your own group on linkedin to get high traffic and be always active on group... keep updating
  9. You must have to be active otherwise there is no change to gain high traffic.
  10. Share your best content from website or blog which have the potential to attract reader.
  11. Share your linkedin profile link on social networking sites and ask people to join. 
  12. Acknowledge other linkedin members. 
  13. Use the automated linkedin features.
  14. Leverage LinkedIn Tools and Applications - linkedin provides LinkedIn provides a few tools to help you showcase your blog and encourage the sharing of your blog posts to the network. Install the LinkedIn blog application
  15. Utilize the LinkedIn Share Button on Your Blog

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