Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Communicate With Employees

IT may sound like a very basic point, but employee communication is over looked in many organization.

Staff members need to know that hey are valued, understood and perhaps most importantly, listened to.

If an employee has a concert or some other issue that may prevent them from working productively, they need to know that communication channels are open.


Involve Employees in Decision Making

Major business decisions will always be made in the boardroom by the executive team, but this does not mean employees should be excluded from this process.

Hundred of different decisions are made every day within companies - from the ground level right up to the top of the enterprise. and giving staff members the autonomy to make them where appropriate can boos moral and help increase job satisfaction.


Involving employees in decision making processes can also help identify potential managerial talent, which could help grow the organization in the future as well as keep hold of talented individual, Delegating work of this nature can also free up time for people higher up thee company to concentrate on value adding tasks.

In similar vein, employees should feel that they can make suggestions and present new ideas which could improve the way the organization works.

An open forum for innovation not only makes employees feel they are more involved in the company, but a great new idea may unlock addition additional value for the Enterprise.

Reward Strong Performance


If employees perform well, they need to be rewarded. This can be in terms of extrinsic reward such as additional pay, benefits or opportunities for promotion or intrinsic through simple gratitude and recognition for a job well done, Employer need to gauge which type of reward is appropriate in each individual situation, based upon overall aims and the expectations or staff members.

If a key employee has put in a significant amount of extra work n a project, it may not be sufficient to simply thank them for their efforts they may expect some pecuniary reward for the additional effort they have made. But equally, business need to ensure they do not over stretch their budgets and create unrealistic expectations. 

Training and Development

Employees want to feel as if they are constantly developing in the work place learning new skills and gaining experiences which will stand them in good stead in the future.

Each individual workers will have ambitions of their own, and as such it is important that employees support their professional development. Otherwise employees may feel that they are stagnating in their current role, increasing the likelihood that they will leave the organization.

Define the Role of Employees

Employees should have the opportunity to move up the ranks and better themselves within the company they work for otherwise they are likely to go and work else where. But at whatever level they are working they should have a well defined job description, and understand the role they are working in. This provides a context for everything they do, and ensure they feel a sense of purpose while at work.

Staff members need to understand how the job they do contributes to the overall goals of the organization and where they fit into the bigger picture. This requires the executive team to provide regular updates on company performances, the industry, new products or services and other developments

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