Friday, October 17, 2014

You can keep track of your latest visitors on blogger through Feedjit Free Live Feed system. This will provide you a widget for your blog and that will help you to track your recent visitor information like, Visitors GEO location, Country Flag, Time etc.

What is 

The Feedjit Live Traffic Feed lets you watch your visitors arrive in real-time on your site. When you install the Live Traffic Feed on your blog or website, both you and your visitors can see who is arriving in real-time.

Display Recent Visitors on Blogger.

  • First of all you need to go to the site
  • Now you will get the welcome screen of below there you will find PERSONALIZE YOUR FEEDJIT.
Here you need to set the color scheme, and select widget width & height in terms of pixels, You can customize your widget color scheme, and finally to the Show where visitors came from
  • After Personalizing your FEEDJIT setting choose your platform where you want to add like Blogger Blog or Wordpress and etc, 
FEEDJIT Widget for Blogger.
Finalizing the FEEDJIT Widget for Blogger.
  • After clicking on Go button immediately you will get the instructions to add FEEDJIT to your blog, there are two ways provided 1. You can sing your blog from FEEDJIT and 2. You can copy the code and paste into your blog. 
FEEDJIT on Blogger
Install FEEDJIT on Blogger

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