Saturday, October 18, 2014

Apple iPad MiniApple Inc. recently revealed the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. Note both are the slimmer versions of their predecessor’s iPad Air with the Mini getting some of the remarkable changes. But here we are gonna talk about better about iPad Mini 3. Let me discuss some of the important features of the iPad Mini 3:

Security Based Design

iPad Mini 3 gives you an unprecedented level of security because it uses the nature’s most perfect and reliable password. Yes that your fingerprint. That’s why with your just one touch, you can instantly unlock your iPad Mini.
Fingerprint Security

Desktop-class Architecture

iPad mini 3 is motorized by an A7 chip with 64 bit desktop class architecture. So A7 delivers you the amazing and unpredictable processing power without losing much of your battery. Isn't this amazing one? So this gives you an incredible performance which you can take wherever you go.

HD Gaming in iPad Mini 3

FaceTime HD and iSight Cameras

If you are very much eager to shoot videos and photos that results in the picture clearance and vivacious shoots, then your right choice will be iPad Mini 3. This time new iOS 8 features has been added like panorama and Time-lapse mode, to capture stills and videos that are as memorable as the moments themselves. While having video calls, you get the great picture quality.
HD Cameras in iPad Mini 3

Advanced Wireless

IPad Mini 3 keeps you always connected and even faster than ever you have realized. Two antennas and the MIMO technology gives you an incredible Wifi performance. Wi-Fi along with Cellular model supports the fast cellular networks around the world – including LTE networks. This helped you and your family so that you can easily download required files, video streams, browse the web and even share your important documents with AirDrop at spectacular speed.

Advanced Wireless in iPad Mini 3

iOS 8 and iPad Mini 3

iOS 8 is the most advanced mobile OS ever, with features that make iPad Mini 3 even more indispensable. With iCloud Drive, you can safely store your any kind of documents and access it easily from any of your devices. Every feature in iOS 8 help us to work and design easily with iPad Mini, taking full advantage of its powerful A7 chip, brilliant Retina display and ultrafast wireless.
iOS 8 & iPad Mini 3

Even the Covers are More Brilliant.

We have a Smart Cover or Smart Case that protects every pixel of iPad Mini 3. You will not believe that Smart Cases are available in seven bright new colors. The Smart Cover is made from durable polyurethane. The Smart Case protects both the front and back of your iPad Mini 3.
iPad Mini 3 Smart Case

Lastly, the market price of iPad mini 3 starts $ 399 as officially declared by Apple Inc. AnsMachine hopes that you have a very memorable and best time with the iPad Mini 3.

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