Saturday, April 5, 2014

Many of bloggers are frustrated with their default commenting system of blogger. Google has updated new Google+ commenting system for blogger. It is the best alternative to the default commenting system. It's amazing for blog author because they can see their profile on the commenting system with their upgraded profile.

If you enable it for blogger than your default commenting system will be replaced with Google+ commenting system. Here you can get many features with this. 
  1. You will get Google+ button for every comment to share your and readers comments on Google+.
  2. If you share your blog post you can get the shared notification on Google+ commenting system.
  3. You can check it on the basis of two ways. 1. Everyone Comments 2. Only Your Circle Comments.
  4. You can see your comments on the basis of two ways. 1. Top Comments of Your Blog. 2. Newest Comment of Your Blog.

How to Enable it on Blogger.

  • Sign in your blog.
  • Go for Google+ Tab. 
  • Click on Use Google+ Comments on This Blog. You are done. 

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