Saturday, April 26, 2014


These types of computers are also known as notebook computers. They are portable computers and are comfortable for the person in move. Instead of light weight they incorporate of all features of desktop computer. It consumes very less power and gets very less heated. It operates with AC or DC power. It doesn’t contain any expansion slots so it is very difficult to upgrade the system. It has very thin screen as it uses LED or LCD as VDU. Touchpad is used instead of mouse used in Desktop Computer and it has additional features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Desktop Computer.

It is also known as PC because it is single user computer. It fits on normal size desk and is non-portable. It has more storage capacity and has many expansion slots. It is very user friendly and easy to use. It is used for word processing, accounting, desktop publishing, database mgmt., playing games, surfing internet etc. Eg. General Computers found in offices, college, hospitals, shops, home etc.
Desktop Personal Computer

Palmtop Computer.

It is also a portable type of computer. It is very small in size and fits on palm. It has CPU in a single chip is not very powerful. It has very less memory and features and uses flash memory instead of HDD. It is battery powered and operates with DC power. It doesn’t contain any expansion slots. As it accepts touch screen input, contains electronic writing pad and light-sensitive electronic pen. It is used for scheduling appointments, storing addresses, phone no., contacts, pictures etc and storing small type of data. Eg. Palm pilot, Zr-3500x, REX-PC, Sharp Zarus etc.

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