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How to verify your blogs and websites on Pinterest.

In our previous post we talked about how to add pinterest follow buttons on blogs and how to share pinterest pins automatically on facebook. These above methods are very useful for blogger user because you need to drive more traffic to your blog. This is the tips to verify your blog or website on pinterest.
  • At first sign in Pinterest account.
  • Now go to your profile.

  • Now click on the Pencil sing which is known as Edit. [See Below Figure]
  • Now you will get new window, scroll down and type your blog or website url which you want to verify on pinterest.

  • After that click on Verify Website button.
  • You will get new window. To make it easier to verify your website on pinterest you can choose meta tag verification method. [See below figure]. 
  • After click on Verify with a meta tag. Immediately you will get meta tag code for your blog. 
    • Copy that meta tag code and add it to your template below <head> tag. 
[Must Read: How to add meta tags to blogger. ] [See below figure 4 number.]

  • After adding meta tag to blogger template click on Complete Verification.
  • After that you will get verified sign next to your blog url on pinterest profile. [see below figure].