Sunday, July 12, 2015

Actually, Livefyre pronounced as 'Life-Fire'. It is the technology company that helps blogger publishers to make online communities through conversation. This helps to comment Luv, Disqus and Google product blogger recently introduced new google+ commenting system for the blog. Most of the blogger are frustrated with their default commenting system. They want to change their default commenting system with the new interface to interact more visitor and engage with them. Livefyre is also one of the most popular commenting systems for blogger.


Increase visitors interactions with blogs and websites. This is new and amazing commenting system for blogger which helps to engage your visitors with a new interface. Our previous interface is not that much better than Livefyre,

Install Livefyre Comment System in Blogger. 

  • The first thing is that you have to create the account on Livefyre, to create the account go for this link, Or If you wan to sign up for your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account then, go sign in and choose from an account you want to comment. After few seconds it will be created then it will show your username on your screen.
  • You will get like as above figure on your screen, Now go for Your site URL, type there you site or blog URL. If you want to install it on blogger then click on a custom button. Go to step 2 button.
  • It takes few seconds to appear new window on your screen, after few seconds, you will get it's code on screen to embed on your site.
  • Copy the code from your screen, and paste it where you want to show on your blog or website.
  • Now save it and congratulation you have done this. 

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