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How to turn off windows update.

While you are updating your windows you will be getting new updated systems files. It is the most important for windows and you also, but sometime after updating windows sometime you may loose your windows product key or serial key, activation key. Because, while updating windows you will get new versions system files, which can only redirected with new serial keys and product keys or new activation files. So oldest key is automatically removed from system and you will be facing problems. To resolve this problem you have to turn off your windows updating system. or You can use any other methods. This is the simple trick so i posted this.

How to turn off windows update (Windows 8, 8.1)

  • Go to Run [ Windows+ R= Run]
  • Type Control.
  • Hit Enter or Ok.
  • Now go for Windows Update. [See Below Figure.]
  • Check right side you will find Change Setting. Go for It.

  • See Important Updates. After choosing Never Check for Updates(not recommended), Go for Ok Button. That's It.