How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google.

Sitemap is the list of the pages or posts of your blog or websites which can be accessible to crawlers or users. It is used to make better navigation and you must have to submit it to search engine to make accessible to crawlers or users, if you don't submit your blog or website sitemap to search engines you can't get your posts or pages on search engines. It can't be indexed in search engine without submitting site map to specified search engine. This is the most important SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you submitted your blog or website sitemap to search engines you will be getting more traffic, it will make possible to get your post or pages lists on search engine and users, visitor, readers can fine your blog in search engine easily.

Add Blog to Google Webmaster Tool.

Before Submitting your blog sitemap on google you must have to add your blog to Google Webmaster Tool.
  1. Click on Above link. 
  2. Click on Add a Site.
  3. Type Blog URL. 
  4. Click on Continue.
Submit Sitemap

Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google.

Add Sitemap

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