Friday, July 10, 2015

You are always thinking about how to make easy access to readers with your oldest post or related post of your blog, Make sure that you can easily grow your blog traffic and engage your blog visitors. The related post are appears below the your post, as we can say at the footer side of your blog post. The widget will help you to increase the page views and it will keep your readers or visitor engages. Here is the best way to show the related posts on your blogs, using OutBrain, it will help you to add related post widget on your blog.
Add Outbrain Related Post Widget to Bloggers
  • At first you have to create account for Outbrain. and Register your account. 
  • Now fill-up the form to Create Account.
  • Outbrain team will send you the verification link on your email.account and check the mail.
  • Now Add Your Blog.
  • After adding, your blog to Outbrain.  Now go for Manage Blogs Tab. 
  • Now click on Yes.
  • Now and choose your platform [ in which platform your wanted to install]
  • Now Enter your blogger URL.
  • Choose what kind of widget you wanted to use, [see 13, 14], Text or Thumbnail,..... 
  • Now scroll down and click on I agree to the outbrain [see 15]. 
  • Finally click on continue.

  • Click on Add Widget.
  • After adding widget on your blog, click on View blog or check below your blog post it will show you the very charming related posts. [Finally You are Done.]

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