Saturday, March 8, 2014

google-plusIf you are using oldest model of blogger profile than you are loosing some special features which are provided by google for blogger. Google provides you to connect G+ profile to your blogger, which means now you will be getting new profile model and there you will get many features.

If you enable your G+ profile on your blog definitely you will get new look and you can share each and every post with G+ friends and others. Where you can create G+ Pages, G+ Community which may helps you to drive more traffic to your blog. You will get G+ comment system on your, make sure that if you enable G+ profile model on your blog than only you will get all these features other wise you can't get these features, In oldest model where you can't share each and every posts with your friends and readers. There you can't get G+ comment system to your blog and such many things. 

How to Connect Blogger Profile to G+ .

  • First of all sign in your blog. 
  • Go to Blogger Options.
  • Click on Connect to Google+. 
  • Now it will show you new window- and there you are getting new model of blogger profile.
  • Now scroll down and click on check box. 
  • Finally click on Switch Now button. [Note: If you have one or more blogs there you will get the option- Add blogs to your profile- click on ADD BLOGS. Now finally you are done. 

    Now time to check: 

    The G+ profile is better than the oldest model of the blogger profile. It is very attractive and more helpful for drive traffic to your blog. 

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