Saturday, August 29, 2015

Normally meta tags are used in HTML, and XHTML documents to provide the structure of the pages or documents, it will provide the structure of the webpage. So for bloggers also meta tags are most important to provide good structure of their blogger pages, meta tag provides us the structured metadata about web pages. If you want to improve your SEO then must you have to insert meta tags to your blog and website.

Add Meta Tags

Meta tags are placed in between the <head>Meta Tags</head> section of the website or blog. Meta tags or elements are used to specify the description of the websites or blogs, keywords, language, GEO location and many more.

Meta tags are helpful to index your blog page in search engine. If your pages are indexed in search engine, than you will be getting good traffic to your blog, you can find your blogger post on search engine. If you don't add meta tags on your blog then, definitely you are not getting good traffic, your blogger posts are not indexed by Google or any of other search engine.
Add meta tags to your blog or websites.
  • Sign in your blog. -> Dashboard 
  • Go for Template. 
  • Edit HTML. 
Now find the below code ->CTRL+F=Find.
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Now copy the below code and paste it just after above code.
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Description of your blog" />
<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="Few keywords" /> 
<META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Author's Name" />
<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" content="30">

Now before saving the template you have to do some changes above Description of your blog and Few Keywords, Author's Name.

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