Sunday, August 16, 2015

hidden or protected hiddenBy the cause of virus and many others, not only the cause of virus and such other problems or to save files from other peoples and protect them there file may be hidden, if you are not getting how to show hidden files on your computer than you can follow below steps.

Mostly because of harmful viruses some important files and folder may get hidden or protected hidden on computer. To get back those hidden files and folders you have to change your folder options setting. Then only can get back those files otherwise impossible. There are lots of various ways to get back those files but this is one of the easiest and most popular way. 

Show Hidden Files

  • Go to start menu, or press Windows + R, or Go for Run. Type control and Hit enter or Ok. 
  • Now go for Folder Options. 
  • Click on View button. You will get below window.
  • Scroll Down and Now you have to click on Show hidden files,folders,and drives.
  • Click on Apply and Ok.
Now check drives and any other devices like as pen-drive, if there any hidden files are there you will get the files in semi-transparent view.

[FAQ] - Still Not Getting - But Size is Occupied

If you are still not getting files on pen-drive or on your computer. There may be files and folders are protected hidden. To show the protected hidden files follow the below steps.
  • Go for Folder Option.
  • Click on View.
Protected Hidden Files.

  • Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). Then after click on Yes. Finally Apply and Ok. If still you are not getting here we have video tutorial you can go through that. 

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