Friday, February 21, 2014

Most of the time you prefer some third party widget to add on your blog, so if you wanted to add any third party widget on your Blogger you must have to follow below steps.

There is another method to add the third party widget on Blogger which is little bit difficult for the learners and beginners. 
  1. Editing template and placing the widget code on template will help you to add the widget on blog. 
Template editing is little bit difficult and that will make you confuse so i suggest you to follow below steps only.

Steps to Follow

  • Sign in your Blogger Account.
  • You have to go to the Layout section on your blogger dashboard.
  • Click on Add Gadgets.
add a gadget
  • Click on HTML/JavaScript.

HTML/Java Script

  • It will show you the blank space (work area) where you have to paste the third party widget code. 
    -->Give the Title of Widget and Paste the widget code on blank work area and finally Save it.
    Configure html
  • Save it. 
  • Click on view blog, You are done to add third party widget to your blogger. 

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