Monday, March 10, 2014

Remove Locked Widget in Blogger:

Blogs has some of the locked widgets like as attribution widget, navbar and such others, Those locked widget you can't remove or move simply or without editing the template. In others third party templates also there you can see many locked widgets which you can't remove and change their place one place from another place. So if you want to remove locked widget from blogger follow below steps.

Steps for Removing Widget: 

  1. Go to blogger. 
  2. Template. 
  3. Edit template.
  4. Now search the widget which you want to delete. e.g i wanted to remove attribution widget from blog, so you can also follow the steps. 
  5. Find below code for remove the attribution widget,
    <b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution'>...</b:widget>
  6. After finding above code now do simple change on that code, change Locked='true' into locked= 'false'. 
  7. Save your template. 
  8. Now go to layout. 
  9. Go for that widget which you have unlocked. 
  10. Click on Edit, Now there it will show remove option also. You are done. After editing the Attribution widget it looks like this. 
remove widget
Attribution Widget 1
See this figure, difference between locked widget and unlocked widget, before unlocking the widget the attribution widget also looks like Navbar widget, after unlocking the attribution widget it looks like that. Now you can move your attribution widget one place to another and you can also remove the widget. But you can't remove the Navbar widget and you can't move the navbar widget from their without unlocking. 
remove widget
Attribution Widget 2
Note: After unlocking the widget you can remove that widget you can change place of that widget means, you can move that widget from one place to another place easily. 

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