Friday, January 31, 2014

Becoming member or following any other will be very helpful for the readers and blog users to get notice and be alert with other blogger post what kinds of interesting post they are posting and sharing with us. It is also best way to get notice from other blogs, if you are the blog user than it will show while opening the blog, if you are the member of the any other blogs, just like below figure,


Add Widget to Your Blog.

To follow any blogs and and to make visitor easy to follow your blogs than you have to put follower widget to your blog. For the widget you have to follow below steps. 
  1. Redirect your blog. 
  2. Go to Layout. 
  3. Add Gadget. 
  4. Go for More Gadget. 
  5. Scroll down and at last you will get, Followers widget and Add it on your blog, to make visitor easy to follow your blog.
On your blog it will looks like this, and the right place for the followers widget is right side of your blog and below the blogs archives or your choice.

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