Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shutdown button on desktopAs you, all know about the work of Shutdown button. This is the one of the essential things for shutting down your computer. 

Without this, you can't turn off your computer. There are different methods of shutdown your PC. I think most of the ways that you know already. Here in this article, I will teach you the new way to make your computer turn off. 

Why to use this method? 

Because sometimes when your computer is attacked by viruses or another third party malicious or harmful software that may disable your shutdown system.

So that time you must have to know the third party way to make your computer turn off.

Steps to follow

This method will let you create shortcut Shutdown button on your desktop and when you go through that button that will let you to shutdown. 

  • Just right click on your Desktop.
  • Now here click on New.  

How to Create Shutdown Button on Desktop

  • After pointing to New, you just have to click on Shortcut. And there you have to type "shutdown -s -t00". This will let to operate the shutdown operation. 
How to Create Shutdown Button on Desktop
  • Now just click on "Next" and Go for "Finish". Before finishing, you have to give button name. 
How to Create Shutdown Button on Desktop

Now it's completely created. But it doesn't look like a shutdown button. Because it is the shortcut icon. To make it look like a shutdown button you just have to change the ICON of that shortcut file

Check the video to change ICONs...

There you will find different kinds of ICONs, you have to choose Shutdown icon and go for ok and save that... That's it... 

When someone hits on that button or Icon, your computer will go off. 

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